13901 N. Hwy. 5

​Sunrise Beach, Missouri  65079

​​​​​Leave it at the Lake


​ terryandpam.liatl@gmail.com

​Leave It At The Lake Self-Storage offers a variety of sizes of storage units to meet all your needs.  From 5x10 foot units to 14x60 units, we have it all.  We also have outside storage for a minimal monthly fee.  Our facility is fenced and gated with 24/7 access via your personal gate code.   There are security cameras and lighting, also.   We welcome your calls or e-mails to check availability.  Office hours vary, so please call us and let us accommodate your schedule.  Check out our rates below. 

​If you have to leave it, Leave it at the Lake!

​​​​​​UNIT SIZE​           MONTHLY RATE               DOOR SIZE 

​   ​5x10                          $  38                         6'9"h x 4'w

​   10x10                        $  64                         6'9"h x 8'w

​   10x14                        $  71                         6'9"h x 7'11w

​   10x15                        $  78                         8'h x 8'11"w

​   10x20                        $  90                         8'h x 8'11"w

​   10x25                        $103                         8'h x 8'11"w

​   11x30                        $116                         8'6"h x 9'7"w

​   11x40                        $145                         8'11"h x 9'8"w

​   14x50                        $215                         15'h x 12'w

​   14x60                        $232                         15'h x 12'w

Outside                        $35-$40

Discounts for pre-payment:  5% for 6 months

​                                                   10% for 12 months

No refunds for pre-payments. 

All major credit cards accepted.